Best Size Tarp for Hammock Camping

When camping, picking the best hammock tarp is critical to shield you from brutal climate conditions. Not just can a hammock tarp shield you from the rain, it can likewise shield you from snow and solid winds. A few campers have reported that their durable hammock tarp could shield them from snow tumbling from trees and from snowstorms. Below is a guide how to choose the best size tarp for hammock camping and top 5 best recommendations.

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Here is a list of the Best Size Tarp For Hammock Camping

Things You Should Consider When Choosing the Best Size Tarp for Hammock Camping

Hammock tarps and hammock rain flys are frequently utilized reciprocally. Some even allude to them as dry fly. Picking a hammock tarp relies on a few elements. Here are two contemplations in picking the best hammock tarp for you.

Hammock Size

The measure of the hammock tarp relies on the span of the hammock. For the most part, a hammock tarp ought to be somewhat greater than the hammock for full scope. When all is said in done, the hammock rainfly or tarp ought to have the capacity to cover the hammock width and along the ridgeline. The ridgeline ought to be no less than 12 creeps long for most extreme scope. The tarp ought to reach out no less than six creeps from both closures of the hammock.

Hammock Tarp or Rainfly Shape

Hammock tarp comes in different shapes when laid level. Every sort has its own level of difficulty when pitched. The tarps change in weight and level of scope as well.

Asymmetrical Tarp

For example, an asymmetrical tarp is the easiest kind of tarp. It is the lightest and not difficult to pitch. Be that as it may, it gives just around 25 percent coverage, in this way; you have to rest in accordance with the tarp for most extreme scope.

Diamond Tarp

Next is the diamond tarp, which gives somewhat more scope than the lopsided sort. In any case, it is somewhat heavier than the previous sort however both rush to pitch.

Hex or Cat Tarp

The hex or cat (catenary) cut has six sides when laid level. The shape gives a tight draw on the tarp. It gives around 50 percent scope and is like the rectangle-molded tarp.

Winter or Four Season Tarp

The winter or four-season tarp gives the most extreme scope and has folds on both finishes when pitched to give cover against snowstorms and cruel climate conditions. A few folds can be closed to give maximum protection. It is however very heavy and takes to pitch.

Top 4 Best Size Tarp for Hammock Camping

 1.  ENO ProFly Tarp

OUR REVIEW: 4.7 / 5.0

  • The ENO ProFly Tarp comes in a couple of different variants:

The standard ProFly is a pleasant widely appealing tarp that parities ease of use with cost. At the end of the day, ENO comes through with a generally lightweight, simple to utilize item that will suit the necessities of most hammock campers. ENO's ProFly XL is considerably bigger in its measurements and worked to make shield for even the biggest of hammocks.

The ProFly Sil is an indistinguishable size from the standard model, yet is made out of the silicone-impregnated nylon that is a lighter weight than the ripstop nylon utilized for the standard and XL models. Additionally offered is the ProFly XLSil, which consolidates the bigger size of the XL display with the lightweight sil-nylon of the Sil.


  • Easy to modify guy lines take into consideration a practically idiot proof setup
  • ​Cat-cut hex shape is perfect for hanging over a hammock
  • Available at most open air retailers


  • Short length (10'6″) is proposed to be utilized with ENO hammocks, which are somewhat short, making it extreme to cover some bigger hammocks (this is tackled by moving up to the XL)
  • Price point is somewhat high

 2.  Hennessy Hex Rainfly Tarp

OUR REVIEW: 4.8 / 5.0

Hennessy Hammocks is one of the most seasoned names in the hammock outdoors diversion, and offers a decent hexagonal ripstop nylon tarp under the name Hennessy Hex Rainfly. The Hennessy Hex Rainfly is a straightforward, very much built hammock tarp that is truly difficult to whine about.

The catenary cuts on the edges are not extremely forceful, and look as though they will render the sides with a free, floppy pitch. That is not the situation, as it typically goes up decent and tight. This "square shaped" shape additionally makes the tarp somewhat more appealing in blustery climate where slimmer cut tarps may let in more dampness.

For a long time, they have offered an asymmetrical form that is specifically intended to fit their own hammock plans. Presently they have included a symmetrical form that will work with most hammocks, paying little heed to the maker.

The ridgeline is about 12 feet long, and ought to fit over almost any hammock available. Explorers hoping to go lightweight may discover this tarp somewhat substantial and cumbersome. What's more, tragically, Hennessy does not offer a lighter silnylon form in the symmetrical style right now.


  • Hex-shape is all around adjusted for hammock outdoors
  • ​Hand-made "house" style fabricating guarantees beat nature of item
  • Simple configuration makes for simple setup


  • Silnylon adaptation not offered in the symmetrical shape, so the tarp is on the overwhelming side

 3.  Ultimate Survival Technologies BASE Tube Tarp 1.0 

OUR REVIEW: 4.2 / 5.0

Ultimate Survival Technologies made one of the sturdiest hammock tarp in the market. This tubular tarp measures 120 inches (10ft) x 84 inches (7ft) when laid level. The tarp measures somewhat more than a pound. Whenever rolled and put away in a pack, it quantifies around 12 to 14 inches long and around 6 crawls in breadth.

The tarp is in safety orange on one side (for simple spotting) and silver on the opposite side. The silver bit is covered with aluminum to give warm protection. As per the item portrayal, it is likewise fire resistant. Aside from the sack, it additionally accompanies guy lines and steel stakes. It is best to buy extra tarp clasps to append it effectively to the rope.


  • The best preferred standpoint of the Ultimate Survival Technologies' BASE Tube tarp is its adaptability. It can be utilized as a tarp, tent, or a crisis cover.


  • Has restricted size
  • It is not totally waterproof
  • Has a tendency to get tore at the creases due to strong winds so a crease sealer will strengthen things.

 4.  Kelty Noah's Tarp Shelter 

OUR REVIEW: 4.6 / 5.0

This specific tarp accompanies fortified person out focuses and in addition a movable person lines for the corners. This implies you can spread it out the way you need it, making it amazingly adaptable and unquestionably among the best tarp for hammock outdoors.

The tarp additionally highlights durable polyester texture which is inconceivably water safe, paying little heed to how light it really is. The tarp additionally offers taped creases which are specifically planned to keep any intermittent water break.

This is one of the arrangements which offer moment safe house and assurance from the sun or from foul climate conditions. It's appropriate for exploring, outdoors, celebrations and in addition a wide range of donning occasions.


  • Great Price
  • ​Basic set up
  • ​Satisfactory construction and texture
  • Fills in as a rain and sun shield


  • The cordage that it accompanies is not sufficiently long for generally applications
  • ​The stakes that it accompanies are quite futile for generally settings
  • ​There is no grommet or additional texture along the inside edge line to bolster another shaft/support
  • Must buy more cordage, stakes and the bolster posts


With regards to picking the best size tarp for hammock camping, it is best to pick items from a similar producer yet if this is impractical, pick different brands with measurements near the one you require. In general, a hammock tarp ought to have the capacity to shield you from different climate conditions and to give you security when without being excessively constrained, making it impossible to move around.

You should constantly read item audits and input than to depend on producer's item portrayal exclusively. The above best size tarp for hammock camping will give a great camping experience.

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