Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest Hammock Review

OUR REVIEW: 4.8 / 5.0

There is a decent arrangement of buildup behind the ENO DoubleNest, and it didn't frustrate. While minimized and lightweight, it is not as comfortable or extensive as the Grand Trunk Double, our Top Pick for a double hammock, yet it was a nearby runner-up. By including marvelous lightweight aluminum carabiners and incorporating a pressure strap into the stuff sack, this is a perfect lightweight camping alternative for individuals needing more space than gave by the Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest, additionally a parachute nylon hammock.

The DoubleNest just measures 20 oz and is 6' 2" wide, offering a lot of comfort and space. While we discovered little tears in the texture after a couple utilizes, other ENO results of a similar material have performed honorably in harsh conditions. As a standout amongst the most famous hammocks on the market, the ENO DoubleNest inspired us. The thin pressing size fits effortlessly in a pack and the expanded width is comfortable for amplified trips. Here is my Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) DoubleNest Hammock Review.

Performance Comparison: The ENO Double Nest is an awesome light backpacking hammock in reasonable climate.


More extensive and longer hammocks are regularly more comfortable, and the ENO DoubleNest is no special case. The stretchy parachute nylon texture feels incredible, even against exposed skin, and the additional width, when contrasted with the SingleNest, make covering in the hammock less demanding.

While we don't prescribe camping as a couple in any hammock, I found that relaxing as a couple is simple and charming in the DoubleNest. At the point when hammock camping with a significant other, we delighted in having the capacity to wake up and taste espresso in a double together and twist up in our sleeping packs at sunset before slamming in individual hammocks.

The genuine magnificence of a double is in the capacity for maybe a couple people to relax in it, and one person to rest.

While an incredible double hammock, the ENO DoubleNest was slightly littler and less comfortable than the bigger Grand Trunk Double which won our Top Pick grant for a double hammock.


ENO incorporates some attentive features in the greater part of their parachute hammocks, and the included ultralight aluminum carabiners and pressure straps emerge as novel from its rivals. At 20 oz the Double is an equal weight from the Grand Trunk, however, littler, and does not have the suspension that the Grand Trunk incorporates with their parachute nylon hammocks.

Numerous campers want to utilize their own individual strap set up at any rate, and for some clients who move up to favor lightweight suspension frameworks, the absence of included adornment string won't be missed.

Every one of the three doubles tried was close in weight and size however the Double was generously more minimal because of the inherent pressure straps.

Every one of the three doubles tried was moderately close in weight and size. However, the ENO Double was considerably more reduced because of the inherent pressure straps.

The weight of the hammock is incredible just if contrasted with other summer hammocks, as a trek to the Pacific North West in a blustery season or Yosemite National Park in mosquito season will require genuine redesigns, for example, a bug net and rain fly, raising the weight of the hammock considerably.


A double hammock is dependably a flexible item, regardless of the way that we would not prescribe sleeping as a couple in one. Ordinarily, hammocks are utilized as a part of camp for parlor exercises, for example, sitting and viewing the sunset or for perusing a book under a tree, and additionally to sleep. For these utilizations the Double Nest is awesome, the 400-pound capacity makes it incredible for children to play in and also for a couple of companions to heap into.

The Double Nest was an extraordinary item to have in camp when sitting tight for the sun to warm up and some espresso were delighted in sleeping sacks by our analyzers.

Since updates are accommodated climate or bugs, this hammock is one we would prescribe for four season use as it effortlessly holds an assortment of sleeping sacks and cushions.

Simplicity of Set-Up

ENO does exclude straps or suspension with any of their hammocks we tried. Those hoping to incorporate their own particular set up may not see the difference. There are numerous choices and techniques to attempt, notwithstanding it cannot be set up "out of the case."

The DoubleNest is the briefest double tried, so discovering trees sufficiently far separated was marginally simpler than with the Hammock Bliss Double, which was the amplest double tried, or the Grand Trunk Double, however in intensely lush areas this would not be an issue.

Best Applications

This hammock is best suited to a genuine hammock camper hoping to get a double they can share for relaxing or for a substantial estimated person searching for extra space in their hammock. The light weight and minor size of the DoubleNest will be valued by any client.


The DoubleNest was the most costly parachute nylon hammock tried, at $69.95, and regardless of requiring extra suspension, we feel that the nature of the item and the included wire door carabiners make the hammock an incredible value.

The upsides of lightweight and simple pressing make changing to a hammock simple from various perspectives from even the most effective tents on the market. The value point and accessibility of adornments and DIY choices make it significantly more achievable than a $300 single person tent from the real brands on the market.

Finally, you will never need to move down a grade or wake up in a puddle of water starting now and into the foreseeable future. Since changing to hammocks in 2010, Will and I have not tent stayed outdoors or explored since, unless we have our families with us. At the point when the children get more established, they will get their very own ENO hammock – you best trust it.

ENO DoubleNest Hammock Video Review


The DoubleNest is a well-known hammock that is comfortable for a single camper or a couple relaxing in a campground, and the low weight and minimized size is perfect for those hoping to rucksack in mellow atmospheres. Now the features explained above will assist you understand this product.

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