Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) SingleNest Hammock Review

OUR REVIEW: 4.8 / 5.0

The ENO SingleNest is a magnificent lightweight option for Hammock outdoors, arriving in an arrangement of shades and made with solid parachute nylon. At 17 oz, it is just barely heavier than the Eagles Nest Outfitters and rests fairly more serenely with more space. That additional space accompanies additional weight, so those planning to get the lightest space possible to diminish their pack weight would lean toward the grand trunk nano, our top pick ultra light hang.

General this Hammock performs well, is agreeable to rest in for 3 seasons, and is definitely not hard to set up and cut down. We would lean toward more width for augmented outdoors trips or colder atmosphere, yet for most reasonable atmosphere outdoors trips it is an appropriate lightweight single space. An ordinary to-minimal measured camper will fit well into a lone space, and the ENO SingleNest is a strong, lightweight single for outdoors. While we incline toward more space in our outdoors Hammocks, the ENO Single rests shockingly well.

Below are unique features that you should look for when buying ENO

  • Comfort
  • ​Quality
  • ​Strength
  • ​Weight
  • ​Security
  • ​Set-up
  • Cost

Features to search for when looking ENO


We found that, while the ENO SingleNest isn't the most agreeable parachute nylon hang by any extend, it is an awesome change of weight, strength, and solace. Snoozing solace in tinier Hammocks will dependably be subjective, and we prescribe lighter sleepers move up to our top pick grant winning twofold space, the grand trunk double which gives additional space and additional solace. Of course if you are resolved to a lone Hammock, endeavor the grand trunk single which is over a foot longer than the SingleNest. We had no issues resting in the space in hotter atmosphere when close to a light pad and summer sack were central, however storms and crisp atmosphere would require more space and additional embellishments, for example, a rain fly.


It goes about as the ideal camping buddy. Thusly, at whatever point you're masterminding an expanded escape in the great outside or basically need to snooze off in the wake of tasting two or three compartment of mixes by the road side, this is the thing you like to take advantage of your chance without impediments. On the off chance that you love loosening up or basically chilling, using on this twofold home Hammock will be among best ventures that you can made all things considered.


The ENO SingleNest tips the scales at 17oz, which is genuinely light, however this is deficient with regards to suspension or bona fide redesigns like a bug net or rain fly that will allow it to be used as a part of a more broad variety of conditions. Before acquiring this space, consider that straps or webbing ought to be incorporated, despite the way that it incorporates top notch aluminum carabiners. Truth be told, of all the included carabiners from every producer, we feel the ENO wire entryway variations are the best and lightest.


This thing is most suitable for a fan camper or a substantial size individual searching for more space that can peacefully oblige them. Birds Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock is not heavy and sufficiently little to be sponsored into a sack, and offers huge sturdiness in an extensive variety of climate circumstances. Be that as it might, it is best to decline using it in the midst of snowfall as it can make cleaning the texture fairly troublesome. Something else, this twofold loft can be washed up quickly using standard cleanser and water without expecting to use strong manufactured based cleansers. You can essentially take it away and put out it to dry, and the used loft will look great as new by the day's end.


A few night times were spent in this space while a section was against sharp shake, and like all others attempted, we pulled no punches in imitating "conventional use". The ENO SingleNest held up to our standards beautifully. In spite of a few tears discovered running in the ENO DoubleNest after only a couple uses, we don't saw anything of the sort with the SingleNest. All wrinkles are triple-sewed and the stretchy nylon performs well in all conditions.

Effortlessness of Set-up

ENO does exclude straps or suspension with any of their lofts, and those planning to coordinate their own specific set up may think this is alright. One disadvantage to the SingleNest is that it can not be set up "out of the compartment."

The little and slim space fit adequately between trees that would normally be too tight to fit a greater space, and getting a better than average hang is straightforward when there is less material to extend. All in all, it is a straightforward space to set up, once some type of suspension is found.


It is the most affordable lofts inspected, and with the addition of a couple of very high quality ultralight materials, we feel this loft gives extraordinary cost. Remember that extra string and suspension should be bought for this loft, adding to the cost.

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) SingleNest Hammock Video Review


  • Comfortable
  • ​Wide assurance of tones
  • ​Packs down nearly nothing
  • ​Stuff sack = side pocket. Great for phone, wallet, shades.
  • ​Quick drying
  • ​Capacity suggests I can lay in it with my better half, let my nieces and nephew play in it, or if a wild bear makes a trip and needs to rest in it, it won't break.
  • ​Easy to work (easy to pass on, easy to pack, easy to set-up, easy to tear-down, easy to dry.)
  • ​It is versatile,
  • ​It is helpful,
  • ​It is comfortable
  • ​It is effectively accessible decision for overnight snoozing or just a snappy rest.
  • It can be pressed to a size imperceptibly greater than a grapefruit.


  • Straps are excluded
  • ​Gets cumbersome when you use fly and mosquito net
  • ​Uninsulated
  • Expensive extras


With many parachute nylon lofts available, every model needs to emerge so as to be taken note. The minor size and smart weight of ENO SingleNest is the thing that raises this model over the group, keeping in mind it is very comfortable loft, most clients will think that its more than sufficiently comfortable to spend a couple of evenings in.

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