Grand Trunk Hammocks Review

OUR REVIEW: 4.3 / 5.0

Have you ever tried camping in a hammock? Neither had I, so I was cheerful to try it out. In aggregation with National Hammock Day (almost certain I didn't get the three day weekend), Grand Trunk obtainable to give me a chance to take their Double Hammock for a test ride. We brought it with us on our late trek to the Aspen Grove in the San Gorgonio Wilderness — an unspoiled spot for laying back and looking at the Universe.

The Grand hammock does it all, and does it well. It is exceptionally roomy, agreeable, lightweight, and worked of high-extend parachute nylon. The hammock comes prepared to run with included embellishment line and carabiners, is accessible for the sake of fun colors, and subsequently earned our Top Pick grant for decent double hammock. This model is the longest, at 10' 5", is a flexible alternative, can be taken anyplace, and is a decent place to begin if intrigued by hammock outdoors.

There were a few fantastic double hammocks tried in our review, however we granted our Top Pick to the Grand Trunk. Mind blowing solidness, simple set-up, and outrageous solace characterizes this item, and each analyzer discovered it rested brilliantly.


An agreeable double hammock isn't simply wide additionally long, as the length includes space for feet while resting or for a companion to sit alongside you. No hammock reviewed gave as much space as the Grand Trunk Double, at 5 ft 10 in long. It is almost as wide as the most extensive model, the Hammock Bliss Double, at 5 ft 6 in wide. The weight of the Grand Trunk Double is likewise genuinely normal at 20oz. Of the considerable number of doubles, this hammock rests the most easily. Considerably taller reviewers experienced no difficulty resting in this model. While we wouldn't really prescribe two individuals dozing in any double hammock, a couple can undoubtedly sit and appreciate the hammock together for a parlor session.

The span of the hammock effectively worked with any dozing cushion, whether a thick inflatable adaptation or a conventional froth display. There was sufficient material to wrap up in, however not really as to act as a burden. All things considered it is an extraordinary alternative for either relaxing or outdoors with low responsibility and cost to the client.


There were three double hammocks we tried for this review, keeping in mind the 20oz Grand Trunk Double Parachute Hammock was the bulkiest, the included carabiner and rope implied that no more weight must be added to set-up, what an explorer alludes to as "trail weight". In fact, the Grand Trunk Double is the lightest, slightest massive hammock after alternate doubles are loaded down with the fundamental overhauls of a strap or carabiner. Those hoping to spare some mass and who might incorporate their own particular one of a kind strap/carabiner mix may incline toward the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest for it's minimized size.


A best aspect concerning the Grand Trunk Double is that it is similarly at home in the patio as in the boondocks. A family hoping to have a hammock that the children can play in can profit by this item and also a genuine client searching for top of the line outdoors equip. Of the considerable number of hammocks tried, this is the one we continued tossing in an overnight pack. Notwithstanding being extensively bigger when pressed than it's rivals the Hammock Bliss Double and ENO DoubleNest, there was dependably space to bring the hammock with on an experience. At last, the most ideal approach to tell if you like something is if it gets utilized, and we spent numerous evenings in the Grand Trunk Double!


For somebody hoping to buy an item that will keep going quite a while, the Grand Trunk Double possesses all the necessary qualities. The strong parachute nylon has a little measure of extend, permitting the material to give rather than tear as it experiences a sharp shake or stray branch. While testing hammocks in the betray, it was frequently difficult to keep them off stray brush or rocks, and we looked especially carefully at hammocks that were sufficiently agreeable for outdoors to check whether they confronted sensible wear and tear.

The more drawn out and more extensive body permits additional material to be wrapped around the body, a great deal more so than the Grand Trunk Single. While the Parachute Nylon is not protected, a light layer against the skin in case of a light breeze or rain can develop a rest well into more severe climate. Before genuine backwoods utilize we would prescribe overhauling the hammock with a mosquito net and a rain fly, contingent upon the atmosphere it will be utilized as a part of. For brisk excursions in the southwest the Grand Trunk Double is more than sufficient security from the components.

Ease of Set-up

Since it accompanies a couple of additional carabiners and thin line, this hammock can be utilized out of the bundle without the need to buy straps or different embellishments.

Be that as it may, we generally prescribe utilizing thicker webbing straps when wrapping trees. The included line is extraordinary for expanding a grapple around a rock or solid post; however it is sufficiently thin to harm delicate bark. At the point when holding tight a tree we made a point to make a few wraps of rope to dislodge the weight of the hammock onto a more extensive area of bark. Part of the enjoyment of hammock outdoors is finding a most loved arrangement of setting up camp, and there are extraordinary producers in our Carabiner Review that can be combined with light slings or webbing to diminish affect on trees.

Best Applications

A client who is going back and forth about how they may utilize a hammock would profit enormously in utilizing the Grand Trunk Double. An extraordinary all-around hammock ought to be light, minimal, agreeable and flexible – and this one meets every one of those prerequisites. Whether hoping to putting resources into another sort of enterprise or essentially plunging a toe in the water of hammock outdoors, a client will get substantially more than the sticker price's esteem out of this item.


Of the three tried doubles, the Grand Trunk introduces the best esteem at $65, also it accompanies an OK set of line and carabiners included. Esteem is additionally included sturdiness, and the solid parachute nylon implies that this hammock will remain a piece of your accumulation for a considerable length of time to come.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Grand Trunk double hammock direct from the store on their site.


The Grand Trunk Double Hammock retails for about $65. It weights around 20 oz, it's minimized and to a great degree very much developed. Will I dump my tent and transform into a hammock change over? Not precisely yet. In any case, we had a huge amount of fun in it, and we will bring it along for picnics, day trips and auto outside.

Because of Grand Trunk for giving the hammock to this overview. I hadn't thought about the association some time as of late, yet now they are surely on my radar, and in a perfect world yours, too.

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