Hummingbird Double Hammock Review

OUR REVIEW: 4.0 / 5.0

I've been trying and giving criticism on the Hummingbird Hammock Double for a long time now, and have seen a couple of cycles in this way. The first offering focuses for their Double hammock is the lighter weight and littler pack estimate. Hummingbird Hammock is accomplishing this with trimmed measurements, lightweight texture, and special suspension associations. Here is a hummingbird double hammock review to which will assist the camping lovers while selecting this product.

Its outstanding features are:

Real Parachute Fabric

We know bunches of different hammocks call themselves "parachute nylon" however these ultralight hammocks features the genuine article, real save parachute texture.


Sufficiently light to go anyplace and all over the place. Hurl it in your pack and dependably have a place to unwind!

Tinsy Tiny

Your pack space is amazingly valuable, and we regard that, we guarantee to dependably take up as narrow space as could logically be expected!


Worked to FAA parachute fixing gauges out of time tried materials, rest guaranteed we have you suspended sheltered and sound.

Spectra Cord

More grounded than steel and far lighter, Spectra is the perfect cordage for our tree straps and delicate connection carabiners. This amazing material is one of the numerous things that permit us to have a great degree light weight items and also keep up a little pack estimate.

Lock stitched

Every one of our items is bolt sewed (join sort 301) utilizing mil-spec fortified nylon string. We double join our creases at 7-11 fastens per inch as per FAA parachute fixing principles. Any more than that (or an extra line of sewing) dangers aperture of the texture which may bring about texture disappointment.

Bolt sewing, instead of chain sewing seen on numerous different hammocks, creates a more grounded line that is considerably less liable to disentangle and can keep on performing great regardless of the possibility that part of the crease has been traded off.


These hammocks weigh around 30% short of what whatever else on the market, yet weight isn't the main thing we think about. We additionally request that the hammock packs little and ventures well. We trust the volume in your pack merits as much love as its weight.

These hammocks have no cumbersome metal pieces. Utilizing genuine hold parachute nylon and our catch interface framework, we pack the hammock into a little stuff sack, keeping it as unnoticed in your pack as it is on the scale.

The double hummingbird hammock could shed weight by utilizing materials designed for parachutes. You hear the term parachute hammock tossed around regularly yet for this situation they truly would not joke about this. Is the material exceptionally lightweight as well as extremely solid, so you don't have to stress over it giving route underneath you. It likewise packs up little – about the span of an orange – when it is stowed into its appended stuff sack. I as of late took it on a day climb to test it out and was extremely satisfied. Its comfortable and has a bother free setup.

Numerous lightweight hammocks don't expand the base texture the distance to the end and rather select to utilize either a progression of ropes or mesh to convey the hammock to a point which can turn out to be frustratingly tangled. Hummingbird Hammock's ran with a double sheet of texture accumulated toward the end, a considerably less entangled setup.


Delicate shackles can be somewhat dubious, and their genuine interest is about weight reserve funds. I've found that a much more straightforward answer for unbounded movability is to avoid the delicate shackle and simply utilize the end circle on the hammock. A long webbing strap, or a short strap and a long length of Spectra line or Dyneema can then be fixing to the circle utilizing a modified Double Becket Hitch. In any case, how you interface this hammock to the suspension and stay point is one of the colossal level headed discussions, and to some degree scholastic (and totally personal).


This texture is genuine. True FAA certified safe parachute material, uncoated 1.1 oz calendared ripstop nylon PIA-C-44379 just made in the U.S.A. The exceptionally same texture that is pressed into the save compartment of each and every skydiving and BASE hopping parachute framework.

It might be thin, yet with a base rigidity of 50 lbs for every square inch you can rest easily knowing these hammocks have you held protected and sound. The uncoated way of the texture keeps the hammock from feeling damp against your skin, and the windproof necessity of genuine parachute texture keeps the frosty twist under control.

Button Links

As simple as fastening your jeans, our Button Link framework offers the majority of the advantages, and weight reserve funds as our delicate connection carabiners yet are significantly more easy to use.

The Button Links highlight 1500 lb Spectra rope, a specially crafted 3D printed catch and to a great degree straightforward get together. The outcome is a hammock that has no massive, overwhelming metal parts. Catch Links can be compacted and pressed little into the hammock, permitting us to have a hammock that is lighter and more conservative than whatever else available on the market.

The development and materials are great. The sewing is more tightly than most, yet at the same time serviceable. The edges are stitched, and a couple of free strands of nylon had gotten away on my model (a result of crude cutting versus utilizing a hot knife). The stuff sack is about as little as you can go to get the texture stored, and everything is pleasant and tight.


The Hummingbird Hammock Double is one of only a couple ultralight hammocks on the market. It gives some incredible rivalry in a specialty market for people looking to drop weight and mass in their packs truly. This hammock is likewise an attractive option for people who need to relax out on a day climb without adding a lot to their summit packs. Due to its lightweight texture, I wouldn't prescribe this hammock for usual roughhouse utilize. This isn't a hammock I let my children play in

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