Kammok Roo Camping Hammock Review

OUR REVIEW: 4.7 / 5.0

Why sit when you can rests? This sublime quality loft comes with a suspension framework that is anything but difficult to handle, and the whole setup can be assembled in a matter of couple of minutes. The Roo is a great, dependable item, but at the same time we're inspired that, for each Roo acquired. A major part of what makes the Roo so great is its effortlessness. You got yourselves constantly pulling it along on woods hikes and to the recreation center for languid evenings, in any case it can go anyplace you're going. Read more to check whether the Kammok Roo is the correct loft for you.

Features to Look For When Buying Kammok Camping Hammock

  • Size (Length: 328 cm, width: 183 cm)
  • ​Strength of the material used
  • ​Quality
  • ​Type of carabiners for hanging
  • ​Touches and tenderness
  • ​Weight
  • ​Climbing gear
  • ​Flexibility
  • Comfort and material


A cotton loft regularly comes with a conventional and more normal look while being gentler compared to one made of polyester. A cotton rope loft tends to turn tan with sun exposure and a cotton texture loft is probably going to blur with time, so you should either keep the loft inside or store it in the carport or shed when not being used. It is sensible to put resources into a cotton loft with sun shade to offer some type of insurance for the texture.

A loft made of polyester is made more impervious to the components compared to cotton ones. Utilizing the most recent as a part of texture innovation, loft producers have considered ways to make polyester achieve a level of delicate quality dissimilar to some time recently. Polyester texture lofts have bring down rates of blurring compared to cotton texture ones. A decent alternative would be polyester lofts with rain fly or with mosquito nets.


It weighs about 23 oz together with slings. It is a decent decision for the ultralight hiker. But, the slings are fairly fundamental, and you'll need to move up to another combine if you are truly genuine about loft camping, which can sum to the heaviness. Like all parachute lofts including rainfly with nets can expand the aggregate weight. The Kammok Roo Go Camping Hammock likewise has a conveying limit of 500 quid. With its size, it'll be elusive somebody that can't easily fit it.


This is likely the biggest loft I've stayed outdoors in and I found that I got the best lay with a decent, profound list—with a hanging edge almost 45 degrees. Because of its size and this hang edge, I found that my consistent canvases are not sufficiently wide to give the best side scope. For best side scope I needed to hang the loft at the more conventional 30-degree edge. The loft is still agreeable, yet as is basic with vast lofts pulled "tight," you encounter what I call the "canoe" or "bath" impact, where the sides of the loft are more tightly than the inside, making a profound pocket or basin situate.


The Roo is amazingly flexible and has a huge amount of independent frill that is accessible for procurement. The Kammock Roo accompanies tree slings, in spite of the fact that they are somewhat restricted, and you'll need to appeal to God for two consummately situated trees each time you need to set your Roo. The Dragonfly and mosquito net change Roo to all-season camping cover. However when consolidated with the value purpose of Roo then the extra cost of python straps, purchasing a complete fix can be an expensive undertaking – particularly when contrasted with the serac Sequoia which incorporates daisy chain straps ideal out of the crate.


The Kammok Roo Hammock is unimaginably agreeable and makes for an extraordinary camping loft or a campsite lounger. The exclusive LunarWave jewel ripstop nylon feels incredible on the body and is sufficiently solid to bolster two companions. Dozing in the Roo feels unbelievably great. Parts of Kammok Roo are so agreeable in that the setup is so flexible; you can truly hang it anyplace on your climb. However, you'll need to buy an arrangement of python straps on the off chance that you need to easily set up your loft in different spaces.


The tender loving care on this loft is perceptible. I'm an aficionado of gathered-end lofts yet, for the most part, the main thing that isolates one from the other is the logo sewed on the stuff sack. The Roo, in the examination, not just games a different, very tasteful, agreeable texture, the sewing is a choice, and the included carabiners and solid spectra rope are phenomenal among the opposition. While a bit much for execution, KAMMOK put a slight turn in the Lark's Head Hitch that joins the spectra circle to the carabiner. Little touches like this give the loft a tasteful look.

Strength of the material used

The Roo utilizes a diamond weave texture I haven't seen used as a part of other camping lofts. This texture permits the Roo to hold 500lbs (rather than 400lbs in the ENO DoubleNest), however, isn't observable any heavier than the texture utilized as a part of different lofts. It has a very light, delicate surface that is very wonderful to lay on.

Climbing gear

At every end of Roo, it has a Dyneema racer sling like those utilized when shaking climbing and Kanga Claw carabiners. While I have never wound up wishing my loft was made utilizing real climbing gear, these little points of interest are certainly decent to have! Both can undoubtedly be expelled from the loft without acquiring any harm, which means your loft can serve twofold as additional climbing rigging!


  • LunarWave precious stone ripstop texture
  • ​Two KangaClaw carabiners
  • ​Two Dyneema Racer slings
  • ​Strengthened empasize focuses
  • ​Triple-sewed creases
  • ​YKK ultralight components
  • ​Two-man limit
  • Water-safe compression sack


  • Packs down little, however after some time it gets harder to crush down
  • Recolors more effortlessly than anticipated, however that has no effect on usefulness


The Kammok Hammock is a top notch parachute loft for you that feels amazingly good to rest in. It's various frill can transform the Roo to your essential safe house year round, despite the fact that the precarious value indicate do as such may hinder many people from focusing on utilizing a Roo.

But, for those that need an ensured night of solace and also a tough and strong item, the Roo may be a decent decision. So take your time and go out to the market and buy this beautiful hammock that will make your camping enjoyable at all times.

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