Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock Review

If the Warbonnet is excessively costly for you or too elusive, the Hennessy Expedition Asym is the main hammock we tried that accompanies its particular rain fly notwithstanding an included bug net. The Grand Trunk Double takes my Top Pick Award and is durable, comfortable, and simple to utilize. No hammock reviewed also rested or was as intensely stacked with helpful features as our Editors' Choice victor, the Warbonnet Blackbird. From an incorporated foot box to rack stockpiling, this creative hammock has everything expected to change a flat tent camping background into a fantastic hang under the stars.

OUR REVIEW: 4.0 / 5.0

Performance Comparison

The Warbonnet was by a long shot the most comfortable of all hammocks tried on account of the coordinated foot box and asymmetrical design.


The best and easiest approach to rest in a hammock is askew, keeping in mind a modest bunch of items on the market accompany an asymmetrical design to make more space, the Blackbird is the just a single reviewed that accompanies a foot box. We found the best point to rest in it was with the feet somewhat raised, and as a result of the double layer base, there was no issue remaining on the sleeping cushion in this open hammock.

The Warbonnet Blackbird was the main hammock reviewed to accompany a double layer floor to hold a sleeping cushion set up, a great element for squirmy sleepers or smooth cushions.

Another reason this hammock has so much available space is that either side of the "head" end of the hammock has versatile person lines to pull the mesh far from the face. This likewise gives space to a capacity retire close to the head, a unique element that permits a book or coat to be tucked off the beaten path however primed and ready.

The versatile person lines give this hammock an unusually extensive range to camp in.

We found that no other hammock rested as comfortably as the Warbonnet Blackbird, and as the most important rating metric we tried for, this helped this hammock up in our evaluations to win our Editors' Choice honor as the best camping hammock.


While the Blackbird beats the opposition in many classifications, it is not the lightest hammock reviewed – not by far. At 31oz for the texture with the double floor, it is not a perfect ultralight hammock. Include a rain fly and the weight approaches that of a backpacking tent. Be that as it may, diminishing pack weight is not by any means the only motivation to camp in a hammock, the accommodation and comfort of this model can compensate for its mass.

At 31oz, the Warbonnet was the second heaviest reviewed. However, it comes in lighter forms and has enough comfort features to make the weight worth considering.

If hoping to lessen weight for a backpacking trip, consider grabbing a Warbonnet with 1.1 oz/30D nylon texture, a choice that can cut 7 ounces alone, or an adaptation with single layer floor rather than the cushion securing double. The 1.1 oz/30D single layer design drops radically from 31 oz to 18 oz, making a sensible ultralight hammock with every one of the features of the overwhelming obligation Blackbird tried.


Asymmetrical hammocks don't fit two individuals extremely well, nor does the edge line running the length of the hammock make sitting opposite in it simple. The hammock is excessively pleasant, making it impossible to utilize generally, and even with the 70 denier nylon texture, we would not prescribe it for families or a couple.

Be that as it may, the Blackbird is VERY adaptable in the atmospheres it is designed for. The zippered bug net can be effectively expelled for forsake camping and star looking, and it can fit a huge number of rain fly alternatives on the market. We would prescribe bringing this hammock on any trek where hammocks are proper and grapples accessible.

The Warbonnet Blackbird (front) updated with a reasonable rain covering and a rigging sling contrasts well and the Grand Trunk Double and the Hennessey Asym Expedition (Back).


The Warbonnet Blackbird arrives in an assortment of texture alternatives, all with a bug net and astounding development. The creases are all single and double sewed and hinted at no wear in spite of significant utilize. The hammock effortlessly cut twist even without a canvas and would be one of our favored hammocks in a poor climate, alongside the Hennessy Asym that accompanies a rain fly.

The person lines are worked with stun string to keep the hard strain on the hammock and permit space without narrowing.

Simplicity of Set-up

Regardless of being one of the trickier hammocks to accomplish a perfect hang, the Warbonnet accompanies a few features to help in small-scale alterations and poor climate set-up. Initially, the stuff sack has two openings, permitting the hammock to be set up in wet or stormy environments without touching the ground or being uncovered for long. This element was exceptionally valuable when we contributed the hammock a rain storm, after apparatus the fly first. While somewhat dubious, this framework is an incredible approach to keep the hammock clean and mold free in expanded wet backwoods trips.

The stuff sack accompanies two openings permitting the hammock to be set up without touching the ground.

Another vital component of the Blackbird is the choice to move up to Whoopie slings. The individuals who have been camping in hammocks for some time may have run over this brilliant design, a contact sling that can be effortlessly fixed and balanced without unfastening carabiners or loosening ties in webbing. This is by a long shot the easiest stock conformity framework we reviewed, and however, practice is expected to get little modification dialed, the majority of our analysts favored this framework over the first rope or strap style suspension found on different hammocks like the roomy and comfortable Grand Double.

While confirming the Whoopie sling, we found the least difficult approach to discharge pressure from the hammock was to hold the assembled end in the convict of an elbow unweight the sling and permit more strain to be made in the edge line.

Best Applications

This is the go-to hammock for any camper or explorer as it is durable, comfortable, moderately light weight, and stacked with features. It effectively won our Editors' Choice honor as the best camping hammock.


With the overhauls we picked, this hammock is the most costly in this audit at $185. We feel the cost is more than sensible, as it dozes superior to any tent and is a large portion of the cost of a backpacking tent of approximate weight. All things considered, a fearful camper hoping, to begin with hammocks may have reservations about the investment. However, we feel they won't lament the purchase. For a starting hammock at a lower value, look at the Grand Ultralight Hammock.


In my testing, there was no hammock also designed for camping as the Warbonnet. All the buildup and fervor that accompanied it was all around established and any individual who begins their hammock camping adventures in this model will be compensated with ecstatically comfortable nights.

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