Hummingbird Hammock Single Review

OUR REVIEW: 4.0 / 5.0

The Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Hammock is the lightest weight, littlest pressing loft available. It weighs not exactly a lemon and packs littler than an espresso mug, holds up to 300 pounds, and is composed by a FAA Certified Parachute Rigger. It brings parachute innovation to the loft business interestingly. The delicate carabiners (included) are far more grounded per ounce than a conventional carabiner and are difficult to cross load.

Components of Hummingbird Hammock Single

  1. Cost - The cost of the Hummingbird Single is on the high-end for hammocks, however I believe it's justified regardless of the cost. I haven't found some other hammocks is in its weight class, and other ultralight hammocks cost just somewhat less. So for me, the insignificant cost increment is justified regardless of the venture for a quality bit of ultralight gear. Current costs can be found here on the Hummingbird site and Amazon.
  2. Weight - The Hummingbird Single measures just 5.2 ounces. That is the lightest hammock I've ever tried and one of its smash hit focuses. The Hummingbird Tree Straps (sold independently) weigh just 2.3oz, which is likewise unfathomably light for suspension straps. In the event that you have a dynamic way of life, this little hammock will fit appropriate in.
    • Limit - The Single can support up to 300 pounds. I'm 6'2," 185lb and the Single has no issue supporting my weight. I'll concede that I was anxious getting in it the first few circumstances since it's worked with such light material, yet I've been charmingly astonished by its quality.
  3. ​Design - The designer of Hummingbird Hammocks, Chris Loidolt, is a FAA confirmed parachute rigger. Chris conveyed parachute fixing materials and systems to the hammock world, which is the reason his products are so light and solid. Hummingbird Hammocks are made in the USA also.
  4. Carabiners - Hummingbird Hammocks don't utilize metal carabiners, which is another unique design highlight that spares weight. Rather, they join with "delicate connection carabiners" that are secure and easy to utilize. For this survey I tried another catch prototype that has a straightforward circle and catch system. On the off chance that all runs well with the testing, the new fasten system will be available sometime this spring.
  5. Tree Straps - Hummingbird's Tree Straps (sold independently) are another enormous offering purpose of this system. They are much lighter than most hammock straps, they're easy to utilize, and they'll hold up to 400lb. They work like a chinese finger trap with a circle toward one side (pictures beneath). The circle can slide effortlessly when there's no weight, yet when you put weight on it, it tightens down and won't budge. It's an exceptionally smart and viable system. This design will marginally constrain hanging length when contrasted with traditional tree straps, yet I discovered them to have a lot of length. My greatest grievance with the tree straps is they don't accompany a conveying case and they won't fit in the hammock bag for easy storage.
  6. Materials - Hummingbird utilizes parachute fabric, spectra line, and military spec reinforced nylon string to construct their hammocks. These high-tech materials are key for keeping hammock weight and size to a base. I suspect these specialized materials are additionally one reason Hummingbird Hammocks cost marginally more than their ultralight competition.Measure - The Hummingbird Single is 8ft 8in long and 3ft 11in wide. It's an awesome size for relaxing around. I'm 6'2" and the Single is sufficiently substantial to fit me easily. On the off chance that you plan to rest in your hammock, you'll presumably need run with the bigger Single+ Hammock for additional space. Hummingbird likewise offers a Double Hammock on the off chance that you'd like the capacity to swing two individuals.
  7. Packed Size - Another awesome element of the Single is that it packs down really little. At the point when pressed this hammock is 4in x 4in x 2in, or about the extent of an apple. That is another fantastic benefit for explorers limited by space in their packs.
  8. Style - Hummingbird Hammocks come in four different colors: grass green, forest green, skydiver blue, and sunset orange. I adore the look and feel of my skydiver blue Single hammock.
  9. Durability - Durability is a standout amongst the most difficult qualities for any commentator to precisely evaluate. With a specific end goal to really know a product's actual confinements, you need to utilize it for a considerable length of time and years until it inevitably separates. From the greater part of my product testing and research, I expect this hammock to keep going quite a while if treated with care. Any ultralight product will be less strong than heavy duty products. That is only the way of lightweight gear. So in case you're searching for a bombproof backyard hammock to whip, this most likely isn't your person. In any case, in case you're searching for a ultralight exploring hammock and you're willing to take good care of your gear, the Single will probably be with you for a long time and numerous miles.


  • Tree sling Hanging Kit is anything but difficult to set up and exceptionally advantageous.
  • ​Rain Fly is all around valued and accompanies triple sewed creases.
  • ​Nylon Double Hammock is super spacious, breathable and comes in cool hues.
  • ​The Microlight Nano Hammock has an astounding insignificant pack size and low weight.
  • The Ultralight Hammock is an extraordinary Value at just $20 and light weight.


  • You could purchase your own particular string for not exactly the cost of the Tree Sling Hanging Kit.
  • ​Rain Fly accompanies low finishes Stakes and fellow lines and is somewhat cumbersome.
  • ​The Nylon Double Hammock is massive and could be lighter weight. The included hanging unit isn't exceptionally valuable as the ropes aren't long and there are just two conformity knots.
  • ​The Microlight Nano Hammock is too little for vast individuals and the fabric needs breathability.
  • The Ultralight Hammock S snares are somewhat sketchy for hanging the loft, I additionally address the quality of fabric and long haul durability


The Hummingbird Hammock Single is one of just few ultralight hammocks available. It gives some great competition in a niche showcase for people looking to really drop weight and mass in their packs. This hammocks is also a nice option for people who need to relax out on a day climb without adding an excessive amount to their summit packs. Due to its lightweight texture, I wouldn't recommend this hammock for regular roughhouse utilize. This isn't a hammocks I let my children play in.

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